Unity has always taught us that our words create. In fact, Unity started as a healing movement dedicated to changing lives and healing diseases. The story of our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore is that she apologized to every part of her body for calling it weak and sick and then affirmed her health and wholeness, thereby curing herself of Tuberculosis in 1888.

Since that time, science has proven what the Fillmores taught. We now know of the placebo effect. We have documented scientific proof of the power of prayer to affect healing outcomes, and we now know through quantum physics that we affect matter by simply observing it.

Today, we also know that our feelings significantly contribute to the power of thought and words. That is why it is not enough to repeat affirmations and expect things to change. We must, we now know, use our full emotional capacity and our power of visualization to live into the future we desire.

Join us this Sunday as Rev. Eleesabeth Hager dives deep into the power of Thoughts, Words, and Feelings!