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New Flight - Oct 2022

Weekly Meditation

Absolute Abundance: New Flight

With Rev. Ken Daigle

Sundays, Oct 2 – Nov 13
1:00 pm PT
In-person and via Zoom

New Flight is a seven-week booster shot for those advanced abundance students looking to reinvigorate their prosperity consciousness.

I have discovered that to remain truly prosperous, I must remain in beginner’s mind; when I think, “I know that, or I don’t need that,” I can block the flow of good into my life. Then it is amazing how quickly negative thinking and patterns reappear in my life.  So, I am recreating this course for those who wish to remain on the pathway to permanent prosperity.

I am in the process of reimaging the course and including new material from new sources.

Together we will continue to determine what works for us, where we need support, and where we can let go of what no longer serves us. The subjects we will cover include, Removing Your Blocks, A New Look at Money, A Positive Personal Inventory, Visioning the Future, and many others.

Join us for this tithing-based course and dive deep into your prosperity!