There are no words I can summon to express the frustration and sadness I felt for the violence we witnessed on Wednesday, January 6th.  Epiphany of all days.  The story of Epiphany, the three wise men bringing gifts to the baby Jesus, metaphysically represents the awakening of our inner wisdom.  And as I watched the events of the day unfold, I was reminded of the saying of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”  For right now, here, amid this pain, what is needed is the salve, the balm of love.  While this is undoubtedly a time for action, we need to move our feet and hands and unleash our words’ power.  And all of our words and actions must be tempered with the tremendous power of love.  It is one of our Twelve Powers; we call upon that facility of Love right now, that Divine energy, and know that God, the Divine, is Love itself.  What we are called to be is something greater than we have ever experienced before.

Being loving does not mean being passive or weak.  Bringing Love can mean bringing strength and power to your mission; focus and energy to your purpose.  Today, we commit to lifting ourselves and our country to its highest potential.  Join us this Sunday as we begin a Twelve Power series and a journey of healing.