As a child growing up in New Orleans, I always enjoyed the Mardi Gras season; it was a time for families, great food, and parades – lots and lots of parades.  Right after Mardi Gras day, we entered the season of Lent, which meant I had to give something up.  I never really minded this practice because we would give up eating meat on Friday, which meant that we would have seafood.  Hey, it was a hard sacrifice, but I was willing to make it!

As an adult, I still enjoy the season of Lent, but for a different reason.  I realize that it is not things of this world that I am releasing, but ideas, beliefs, and behaviors that limit my realization of an abundant and joy-filled life.  I invite you to join me in our Lenten Practice, Release and Renew, either on your own or by joining me in my daily prayers.  You can find them on our website and Facebook page.

IF you are a regular contributor to Unity San Francisco, you received a booklet this week that offers a daily reflection on a Release or Renewal for these 40 days.  If you would like a copy, you can request one by clicking here.