One of the most asked questions in the Christian world is, “What would Jesus do,” or “What would Jesus say?”  Often, the answer to that depends on the gospel you are reading.

The four canonical gospels do not say the same things about who Jesus was and what he said.  In the four Sundays leading up to Easter, I will spend some time exploring the four gospels, in the order that they were written: Mrk, Matthew, Luke, and John.  Misa and her fantastic music team will help me by illustrating the focus of each of the narratives about the life of Jesus with modern popular music.  You are in for some fun-filled surprises!

Most importantly, however, I hope that this series is an oopportunity to look at these spiritual teachings with fresh eyes and see the important lessons that can help us through these turbulent times.  Join us on YouTube, Facebook, or in our interactive Zoom Room for our Sunday Services!