This week, the White House asked doctors, ministers, and political leaders to encourage everyone to get vaccinated when their turn opens up. I can enthusiastically and emphatically join with the White House in this call; everyone who can, get the vaccine! Please do it for yourself or do it for your community. Being vaccinated, even if you have already been exposed to COVID-19, helps us all. Those who are vaccinated are much less likely to contract a new strain of coronavirus and thereby inadvertently advance the virus’s mutation. The appearance of a new mutation could send us all back into lockdown and endanger more lives. 

I am a champion of our teaching on health and the power of mind action, for they have empowered my healing journey. I know some in our community are hesitant to take medications because of their personal beliefs. My journey of healing has taught me these three things. First, we have a collective belief in disease; otherwise, our communities would not experience widespread infection and death. Second, it is our belief in medicine, vaccines, and treatments that heals us, just as much as the medicine itself. Third, doctors and medicine are the hands, face, mind, and action of God in our lives. 

Therefore, I encourage each of you to get vaccinated when you can. I already received my first COVID vaccine, and on March 29th, two days before my birthday, I will receive my second dose. Most of the staff here at Unity SF have received at least one shot of the vaccine, and soon our entire workplace will return with a great worry lifted from our hearts and minds. 

I want you to be able to join us with fear released from your hearts and minds.