After the Resurrection, what is it that we do? With the vaccines rolling out and businesses, schools, and spiritual centers opening up, how do we navigate this rebirth? Mindfully! I know there is a lot of pent-up energy in all of us, a wanderlust built up from a year of restrictions, and there is also an enormous need for human contact; I cannot wait to hug my mother. I know that many of your are experiencing the same longings.

This month, as spring blooms and the earth (northern hemisphere) comes back to life, I encourage us all to remember that the seed, laying long in the darkness, needs time adjust to the light and warmth. Take your time and savor every exquisite moment along the way to our new life.

On Easter Sunday, we opened our doors to some of our spiritual community; what a gift that Sunday resurrection was to all of us. Thanks to all who added to our experience, either in person or online. You are the Easter gift!