When we listen to the news, we hear of the intractable situation in Afghanistan and the desperation of the delta advance through the south. We don’t hear the good things that are happening probably because that will not get you to turn on the news again.
Over the 20 years that the US was in Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of women were educated and became leaders. Their education can never be taken away, and their leadership will serve countless generations to come.   
In this country, millions of people have received their Covid vaccinations.  Their/our vaccination status stands as protection against severe illness and death. That is a modern miracle! In our community, we have been gathering in person for over four months now. We have been sharing music, prayers, food, and drink together, and for all that time, we have not had a single transmission of Covid-19. That is good news, and it is active faith. While faith alone is no guarantee that we continue without any infections, it is because of our active faith. We believe in the power of positive thinking, the power of prayer, the power of the Divine in our lives, and we allow the modern miracles of medicine to be at work in our lives.
To that end, we will continue to follow the city guidelines and allow only the fully vaccinated to attend services in person. We do this in love to protect the vulnerable and demonstrate our faith in the Divine and Divine science.