My heart and soul has been touched by a piece of theatre called The BOX.  It is a confronting and humanizing look at the use of Solitary confinement in our country. Written by a woman who was held in Solitary confinement herself for over 400 days, The BOX brings to our attention the things done to other human beings in our name and under our system of justice. 
JD and I have become sponsors and producers of the play. More than half of the actors in the show are formerly incarcerated individuals. They bring authentic power to the subject and their performances.  They and the playwright are planning a multi-state tour next year to bring awareness of the situation to communities across this country.
We invite you to our home in San Rafael for dinner on September 25th and to join us at the play that evening (outdoor venue, fully masked at the performance, and vaccination required to enter the amphitheater). Unity has purchased 25 tickets, and they are available to you at no cost.  We invite you to sign up by filling out the order form on our webpage to reserve your tickets.