Last week we began our spiritual journey through the weeks of Advent, a journey that culminates in the birth or the reawakening of the Christ presence. Together last Sunday, we lit the candle for Faith. 
Last week I reminded you that you have all the faith you need; it is up to us to be aware of what we are putting our faith in.  And whenever we hold to the thought: “There must be a better way!” or “I know that this is not what God would want for Me.”: We are lighting the candle for hope—the confident expectation of Good, of God. All God needs is that little bit of hope, a glimmer, a spark of divine recognition, to enter and change our lives. That is why we say, “Faith the size of a mustard seed is all that is needed to move a mountain.”    
Join us this Sunday as we light the candle for Peace. And stay for Hospitality as we decorate for Christmas!