These past two weeks, we have been on our spiritual journey of Advent, a journey that culminates in the birth or the reawakening of the Christ presence. Together last Sunday, we lit the candle for Peace.We spoke about the eternal truth that Peace, true Peace, is not dependent on circumstances. Once we open the door for Peace, Spirit rushes in and provides the unlimited possibilities of the Divine. When we practice meditation, either sitting in the silence, walking in mediation, or attending a yoga class, we light the candle for Peace. All of these are times we can rest and hear the voice of God, whether it be the still small voice, or the choir of heavenly hosts. However the voice of God shows up for you – in prayer, in silence, in movement, in conversation, or in rush hour traffic – it is your time of Heavenly Peace. A time in the quiet assurance of Divine Order. 
Last week I reminded you that you have all the faith you need; this week, that Peace is more potent than any circumstance. On Sunday, Rev. DeeAnn will speak with you about the power of love, and we will have an experience of love at our Holiday party. Join us in person or on our Livestream.