Last week in my Sunday talk, I shared an affirmation; Happy end of COVID!  I am not in denial; I know that we have not eradicated COVID from the planet. What I mean by this affirmation is that it is time that we start celebrating the end of this period of our lives. Many of us have held our breath for the last two years in different ways and varied circumstances. Today is the dawning of a new day, and we can start over with a celebration of this new time! So, I am choosing to say, Happy end of Covid, as I would say Happy Birthday or Happy New Year. A joyful affirmation of this new beginning.
It is also a divine coincidence that after I uttered those words aloud, the City of San Francisco dropped its Vaccine requirement for gatherings of our size. When we come together and hold a thought together in consciousness, we can shift the very things we are experiencing. So, I invite you to join us in celebrating the end of COVID as we have known it and join us this week as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of my Ordination with special music and fantastic food!
See you this Sunday!