I learned very young that it was not safe to be myself. Ridiculed and beaten for being feminine at home and school, I tried to hide the best I could. I have been working to unwind the beliefs I took on during that time my entire adult life. Then, in my 20s, I arrived at my first Unity Service; there, I saw something I had never encountered in a spiritual community. There were people of all races, ages, and sexual orientations. There was talk of spiritual healing, God’s inclusive love, and a message of hope and positivity.  

I went on a long and winding road of spiritual study and worldly achievement from that first service. The old beliefs I had taken on were not easy to erase or change, but each time I encountered an old tape, it was a little weaker and easier to see beyond. This search in search for worthiness forever changed my life. Like Dorothy, I got to the end of my travels and discovered I had the power all along. I just needed to learn it for myself.  

Today, I live a life beyond my wildest dreams, married to a man I love and with three beautiful children. I am the Senior Minister of this remarkable Unity community, and my job is to help people find their true nature—their spiritual wholeness. Grateful does not begin to describe it!