Modern neuroscience and New Thought teaching are in alignment; We can create with the synchronistic power of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When we think, feel, and behave in one accord, we create a powerful field that attracts what we want. And when one or two of these elements are not in accordance, we struggle to manifest the life we desire. In other words, the universe does not respond to what we say but to whom we are being!   

We all know people who are experts at complaining, and we may recognize that pattern in ourselves. Complaints at their core point out to us that what we desire is somehow thwarted. However, when we persist in the complaints, we are driving what we want further and further away because the universe is responding to our complaints’ powerful emotions and energy and giving us more things to complain about, The Law of Attraction!  

This week we will look at how some of the greatest creators in history have synchronized their thought, emotions, and behaviors to create the world they envisioned. Join us as we learn how to do this ourselves!