Do you remember the first time you walked into a Unity Spiritual Center and how it felt? If your expertise was like mine, it was a fantastic moment of being greeted, seen, and truly welcomed. For me, it was also incredibly powerful because there was such a mix of young and old, gay and straight, and people of all colors. I kept coming back because of how I felt in this community. I suspect it was the same for many of you.

Now it is your chance to help create that atmosphere for the people coming to Unity for the first time. On Sunday, September 18th we will hold a training for Ushers and Greeter. You may wonder why you need the training to be a greeter, and the answer is simple: most people looking for a spiritual community decide within the first minute whether they are coming back. That is long before they hear a music note or a minister speak. The greeting team is the most important job at Unity San Franciso; frankly, our team is bare-boned and stretched thin after the pandemic. 

So, I am asking you directly, please join our Usher Greeter team and give us one Sunday a month to help us keep creating our welcoming and loving atmosphere