This week we create our letters from Divine Wisdom and celebrate the White Stone Ceremony. This is our opportunity to name and claim the good we want to manifest in 2023.

You may hold that your memories and past have created your personality; situations, people, and opportunities made you who you are. Further, we all cling to the belief that the past is immutable, but it’s not. It is our connection to the past that keeps creating our present. If you want a new outcome, you must stop being your old self and make new connections within the present. You must align your whole being with your new desires and intentions. 

If you want to change the world and your life experience, you have to be willing to examine your thoughts and patterns and shift them. You have to let go of who you thought you were, let go of; that’s just the way it is. Let go of: I’ve always been this way and become someone new. 

Join us this Sunday and create your new life and the new you!