Join us as we celebrate the Divine Feminine – a concept that has been present throughout history and is found in many cultures and religions. From the powerful goddesses of the ancient Greeks, to the rich pantheon of goddesses in the Hindu tradition, to the modern-day worship of the Goddess in Wiccan and neopagan traditions – we recognize the importance of the feminine aspect of the divine.

The Divine Feminine represents nurturing, compassion, creativity, intuition, and wisdom. By recognizing and celebrating these qualities, we can create balance and harmony in the universe. This celebration is not limited to women – it encourages all to embrace their feminine aspects, leading to a greater sense of unity and understanding in society.

Join us this Sunday in person or online as we come together to celebrate the Divine Feminine. Come and experience the power and beauty of this ancient concept, and embrace your own feminine energy. Let us create a world that honors and celebrates both the masculine and feminine aspects of the divine.