I left the religion of my ancestors and my family to practice my own spiritual freedom. It has been worth every step along the path. Spiritual freedom is a profound state of being that transcends the constraints of the physical world and empowers us to explore and connect with our innermost selves and the divine. It is a liberation from the limitations of ego, fear, and societal expectations, allowing one to embrace their true nature and purpose. In this realm of freedom, we are no longer bound by external circumstances but instead, find solace and fulfillment in the depths of our spiritual journey. It can also be frightening.

Spiritual freedom grants individuals the ability to cultivate a sense of inner peace, harmony, and unity with the universe, and it can make you feel like you are alone on a beautiful desert island.  It opens the doors to expanded awareness, where one can experience a profound connection with all living beings and the interconnectedness of existence. And this freedom required self-reflection, introspection, and accountability, thus providing a platform for personal growth and transformation.

Spiritual Freedom is a state where individuals are free to embrace their unique spiritual path, honor their beliefs, and live authentically, radiating love, compassion, and acceptance to themselves and the world around them. That does not necessarily come quickly or easily to many of us.  However, In the realm of spiritual freedom, you can find liberation, purpose, and a deep sense of belonging that transcends the boundaries we have inherited from our ancestors and been carefully taught by our society.

Join Unity San Franciso as we travel this road and expand our Spiritual Freedom.