In my youth, I made a significant move from New Orleans to New York in pursuit of my deep passion for
live theater. However, as I entered my 40s, I felt a profound calling within me, leading me to relocate
once again, this time from New York to San Francisco. My heart yearned to embark on a spiritual path
and to serve others. During these transformative years, I also found love and got married, and together
with my spouse, we started a family during what is commonly referred to as the "middle-aged" phase of
Reflecting on my diverse careers, jobs, and roles I can discern a clear pattern that aligns with the
expression of my soul. Throughout my journey, I have always been drawn to work that acknowledges
and transforms the human experience. It begs the question: What does your soul beckon you to do or
When I refer to the soul, I am referring to the profound connection between your eternal spirit and your
persona. It encompasses the intangible and everlasting aspect of human existence that transcends
physical boundaries. Yet, it goes beyond that—it encompasses the yearning you feel to reach higher,
delve deeper, and express more fully.
I encourage you to reflect on your own journey through various careers, jobs, and passions. What
patterns do you notice? What motivated you to make the choices you made along the way? What is
calling you today? Then, join us at Unity San Francisco as we delve deeper and explore further in “Our
Souls Journey,” this Sunday at 11 am Pacific.