Celebrate with us as we mark a truly remarkable milestone – 104 years of Unity San Francisco! For over a century, we have been a guiding light, igniting spirits, and transforming lives across the San Francisco Bay area. Together, we have weathered storms, embraced challenges, and emerged stronger, united by the unshakeable belief that the divine presence is always with us, guiding our every step.

Through wars, recessions, depressions, and natural disasters, our unwavering commitment to spreading love, abundance, and positivity has remained steadfast. We’ve witnessed the extraordinary power of Unity in action, uplifting hearts and minds and illuminating the path to profound transformation.

No matter where your life’s journey has taken you, we invite you to join us at Unity San Francisco – in person, online, or via Zoom. Let us be the beacon of hope and encouragement that your spirit craves, reminding you of the infinite potential that resides within you. Together, we will embark on a spiritual journey that nourishes your soul and brings fulfillment to your heart.

Feel the warmth of our community as we come together to serve, inspire, and uplift one another. You’ll find a sense of purpose and belonging that your soul has longed for, as we extend a helping hand to those in need and make a positive impact on the world around us.

And for those craving a musical escape that stirs your very soul, our jubilant celebrations will fill you with boundless energy and joy. Let the harmonies and melodies uplift your spirit, and let the music be a conduit for a profound spiritual experience.

So, mark your calendars and join us this Sunday as we celebrate an extraordinary 104 years of Unity in San Francisco! Let this be a momentous occasion to reaffirm your connection to the divine, renew your faith in the power of Unity, and rediscover the joy of a community that has thrived for over a century.

Together, we stand strong, and together, we will embrace the future with hope and enthusiasm, knowing that the journey ahead is filled with endless possibilities. Join us on this momentous occasion, and let the celebration begin!