From birth to our final breath, life is punctuated by struggles that serve as milestones. Yet, seen through a spiritual lens, these struggles embody a profound truth: what we term as “struggle” is, in fact, the forging of our physical and spiritual strength or a vital correction in our spiritual evolution.

Much like a butterfly must employ its wings to emerge from the chrysalis, enabling its ability to fly, our challenges are akin to the storm that diverts a bird’s path. This very storm activates the bird’s innate compass, guiding it back to its true destination.

Likewise, in our lives, parenting’s muscle-building bestows wisdom and compassion, both for ourselves and our parents’ journey. The veering marriage or vanishing job has the potential to rekindle our inner compass, realigning us with our soul’s purpose.

In moments of struggle, remember you’ve traversed this path before. Each instance involved breaking free from the chrysalis or resetting your trajectory. Trust that this cycle of strength and renewal will persist.