Awaken to your true essence and embrace a profound shift from roles to love, from job titles to a higher calling.  Your purpose transcends earthly endeavors, a radiant force that lights your path, whether employed or not. It defines who you must be, resonating with the deepest essence of your being.  It’s the fire within, illuminating your path. Don’t settle for a job; embody your purpose. Break free from fear. Radiate your brilliance, inspire others. Success stems from living your divine mission, not just fulfilling earthly duties. Show up to interviews not to secure a job, but to embrace your calling – that’s where true success lies.”

Too often, we mistake our job for our purpose, tirelessly chasing goals that fall short of true fulfillment. We blame circumstances, believing we’re flawed or destined to drift. But remember, as Thoreau wrote, this path leads to “lives of quiet desperation.”

Come and join us this week as we release fear and embrace our brilliant light. You are powerful beyond measure, a child of the divine, meant to shine without restraint. Fulfillment lies not in ticking boxes, but in wholeheartedly embracing your divine purpose. Approach every adventure of your  life not as a quest for employment, a partner, or riches but as a declaration and fulfillment of your calling and success will follow.