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Unity is a worldwide movement focused on positive spiritual practices to enrich all aspects of your life. Unity is inclusive, honoring all people, and each unique person’s path to spiritual growth. Unity creates an affirming environment that fosters positive self-image, personal responsibility and unconditional love and acceptance.

To make all of this possible, we are grateful to have a team of fantastic individuals who bless our community with their time, talent, and treasure, elevating our collective consciousness and propelling us forward.

Ministry Leadership

Rev. Ken Daigle

Senior Minister

Rev. Ken Daigle is a passionate spiritual teacher and speaker whose deep commitment and knowledge are conveyed with irresistible enthusiasm.  Ken grew up in New Orleans, and its spirit of music, dance, and celebration still permeates his life to this day.  He moved from the Big Easy to the Big Apple for show business and enjoyed a successful and exciting career as a professional actor, singer, dancer, director, and choreographer.

Ken graduated from Unity Institute and Seminary, MDiv program in 2012, when he was serving as the Spiritual Leader of Unity of Fremont, CA.  In 2013, he became the Senior Minister of Unity San Francisco, where he developed and published three inspirational courses for his company, Absolute Abundance.  This trio of interactive and experiential courses has revolutionized how we teach prosperity and have benefitted thousands of students and dozens of ministers across the United States and Canada.

Ken currently serves on the Board at Unity World Headquarters in Kansas City, MO.  Starting in 2015, Ken and his husband, JD Schramm, adopted three children, Tobias, Roma, and Joshua, and make their home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: The Quantum You
With Rev. Ken Daigle

David Monticalvo

Chief Operating Officer

David Monticalvo is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the church, such as volunteer and staff engagement, office management, communications, and the development / execution of various strategic plans.

David leads the Gay Men’s Spirituality Group at Unity San Francisco, which is an avenue for gay men throughout the Bay Area to connect with one another in an authentic way. He’s also been featured as a speaker and writer in the realm of gay men’s wellness.

He has extensive experience in project management roles, having worked in health care, academic, and social service settings. He has a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Florida, and a Bachelor of Social Work.

David discovered the Unity teachings at a very pivotal point in his life, which has deeply empowered him. He is actively enrolled in courses to become a Licensed Unity Teacher (L.U.T.) . He currently lives in San Francisco with his partner John, dog Graham, and dozens of plants. He enjoys singing, writing, studying metaphysics, depth psychology, and spending time with family and friends.

Spiritual Leaders

Rev. Eleesabeth Hager

Dave Cooperberg, L.U.T.

Dave Cooperberg became a Licensed Unity Teacher in November, 2018.  He has been a licensed (MFT12549) psychotherapist in private practice since 1978.  Since 1971, Buddhist silent meditation has been his foundational spiritual practice.

His life work emphasizes empowering others to live life more consciously and from their highest good.  Whether through psychotherapy, spiritual direction, teaching classes, or leading meditation retreats, Dave finds joy in helping others bloom into expressing their own divine nature.

Board of Trustees

Carole Dolighan


Carole grew up in Western Canada, not far from the Canadian Rockies.  Always interested in design, color, and textiles, she studied at the New York School of Design, after which she traveled to Australia, where she opened a shop selling original garments that she created to feature dyeing techniques on natural fabrics.  The creative process and entrepreneurial aspect of developing a wholesale business was thrilling, but the pull of family brought her back to San Francisco, where she continued to develop her dyeing techniques and sell her wares to boutiques and specialty stores across the country.

Spiritually, Carole’s interest was sparked when reading the works of Joseph Campbell.  Very much a seeker, her spiritual path eventually lead her to Unity San Francisco, where she instantly felt at home and enrolled in each new class that was offered.  Through learning the Core Values of the community, along with the Five Principles of Unity, she knew that it was a place where she could learn, grow, and serve.

Today, she is a member of the Prayer Chaplains, along with the governing board and hospitality team.  Being a part of Unity has enriched her life and helped her to become more comfortable with who she is as she happily creates the life she wishes based on Unity Principles.  She enjoys painting, gardening, working with mosaics, and, of course, serving passionately as a member of the Unity community.


Cindy Lavorato

Vice President

Ethel Kellie-Schellang


Ethel grew up in a Roman Catholic family before finding her way to Siddha Yoga and finally to Unity. She attended and served at Unity Chapel, Southgate, Michigan for about 30 years before arriving at Unity of San Francisco about a year and a half ago. She started out taking classes and then began attending services. She is a Licensed Unity Teacher (2003) and is currently a student at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute in the Spiritual Direction Certificate program. Of her varied spiritual background, Ethel states that Catholicism taught her a love of ritual and sacred music while Siddha Yoga taught her oneness and that everyone carries divinity within them. Eric Butterworth’s book, Discover the Power Within You, was Ethel’s introduction to Unity (1991) and she’s been with us ever since. 

Ethel received a master of social work degree in interpersonal mental health practice from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. She was raised in Monroe and currently lives in Allen Park, Michigan with her husband Peter. Having retired after 28 years of service with the Federal Government where she was employed as a clinical social worker and health system specialist, Ethel now spends her time keeping up with friends, trying out some new hobbies, and playing with her dog, Brookie. She is happy to be serving on the Board of Trustees at Unity of San Francisco and looks forward to ensuring that the remote community’s needs are considered during board deliberations and actions.

Chanterria McGilbra

Board Member at Large

Founder Prancing Ponies Foundation 501(c)3, Rally and Car Show which ‘Creates Women Leaders One Girl at a Time’ through by supporting Women’s attendance to workshops, seminars, and conferences they can otherwise not afford. The Foundation is supported by the first All Woman Car Show during Monterey Car Week, the first all-female Ferrari rally in the world, and local rallies and fashions how fundraisers.  These fundraising events have been covered by over 100+ media outlets including Bloomberg, CBS, ABC, NBC, Huffington Post, MonacoLife, TurboM6 France, Restoration Garage and recently featured in Wall Street Journal as the number one story of 2020.  She has met many luminaries such as race car driver Lyn St. James, Oprah Winfrey, and Mavis & Jay Leno.

Prior to founding Prancing Ponies, Chanterria received her BA from CSU Hayward and her MBA in Entrepreneurship from the International University of Monaco.  After graduating, she was recruited as VP of an IT startup in Brussels, Belgium where she represented the only European company on the FTC’s online behavior targeting panel along with Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and Apple – her lone dissenting opinion is represented in the GDPR law passed in 2018.  She then became the first employee of a startup biotech in the San Francisco Bay Area that went public.

She currently lives between Monaco and San Francisco where she holds the title of the first Black American Women to buy a Ferrari in California and to relax she enjoys racing her Ferrari named ‘Coco’, participating in European and US rallies, and dancing – her favorite past time since graduating from San Francisco School of the Arts High School.

Mike Hirner


Mike Hirner is a seasoned, passionate California Real Estate Broker differentiated by over 25 years of experience serving the Peninsula and San Francisco real estate markets. Mike spent the early years of his career in the financial services industry, building a foundation of fiscal knowledge that continues to benefit his clients in analyzing their full financial position.

He’s been involved with Unity San Francisco for over 20 years and is a former prayer chaplain. He’s also a member of our Welcome Team, which ensures all guests have an excellent experience when visiting us!

Dean Harvey

Board Member at Large

Dean has been involved with Unity San Francisco for over 8 years. As a man of many talents, he provides insight into construction and facilities management at the church, having owned his own construction company. Moreover, Dean also directs his family music company and was vice president of his local union, where he also chaired the human rights committee.

Aneesha Raines

Board Member at Large

Aneesha has extensive experience in software development and engineering. She holds a master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering. Originally from Michigan, Aneesha currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys international travel.

Tylor Krueger

Advisor to the Board

Tylor grew up in Phoenix and also lived in Tulsa, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.  Tylor moved to San Francisco in late 2001.  In 2002 Tylor began attending a Center for Spiritual Living community in SF and stayed for ten years!  At that community he served in various roles including Vision Core, Governing Board, Ecclesiastical Core, and Minister Selection Committee.   In June 2015 Tylor began regularly attending Unity San Francisco.  Tylor currently serves as a USF Prayer Chaplain, sings with the Sounds of Unity Choir, previously served on the Building Search Committee, and was employed as USF’s Assistant to the Minister 2017-2019.  Tylor enjoys the growth found in so many of the classes, groups, and projects in this wonderful community.

Tylor also serves as an advisor to the Board of Trustees.  Tylor finds such growth in listening and offering feedback to the board on the application of ministry mission/vision into actual programs, events, and decisions.  (Advisors do not vote on board decisions — voting is done by members holding a seat on the board.)

Tylor currently lives in San Francisco’s Mission District and is wonderfully employed in student services as a local community college.  Favorite meditation-styles: mindfulness, reflection, contemplation, visioning, and affirming.  Favorite thinkers: Joseph Campbell, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ray Kurzweil, Ekert Tolle, and Paul Hasselbeck.

Office Staff

Ryan Harvey

Director of Audio/Visual Services

Ryan Harvey is a Freelance recording engineer and sound tech. Ryan graduated from Los Medanos College’s recording Arts program where he became the T.A. He has been doing live sound reinforcement since 2015 with “K.J. Allstars”, “Anything She Wants”, “All Star Jukebox” and “The Misa Music Project”. He is now the Head sound tech for Misa Music and the Director of Audio Visual Services here at Unity SF. Ryan joined the our team here at Unity in 2017, and has only continued to grow. Originally our sound tech Ryan now runs all of our A/V needs.

Danyel Cheathon

Youth and Family Director

Danyel has worked with children since 1998. She holds a Certificate in Early Childhood
Education as a Site Supervisor and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in human
development. While in high school she worked with children and focused on becoming an early
childhood educator. She brings twenty-three years of early childhood experience, track record
and praise from previous directors. She is super excited to educate children and that is why she
came to the Unity San Francisco. Danyel lives with her ten-year-old daughter Amadi, who is in
the sixth grade. They love going to restaurants, driving and taking small trips. Danyel is very
excited to be a part of the Unity San Francisco Church. It is her duty to see children grow,
develop, and learn about God’s freedom and love.

Jared Le Doux

Director of Podcast

Jared LeDoux is a music composer specializing in original music for film and video games.  A graduate of the Technology and Applied Composition program at the San Francisco Conservatory and a native of Decatur, Georgia, Jared joined the Unity San Francisco team in May of 2019, where he works on both the A/V team and as a member of the office staff.  When not at Unity, he spends his time working on music, drinking tea, and planning his next run.  For more information on his work as a composer and to listen to his latest music, please visit

Music Team

Misa Malone

Music Director

Misa Malone was introduced to the joy of singing at a very young age.  Raised in the Church and singing lead in front of The Sunshine Band at the tender age of 7 years old, singing became the way to express love and joy; the love of God, and the joy of living and all that it entails.  While singing was something that she has always done and enjoyed, it is from the music itself that music derives true pleasure.

A poet and storyteller, also from a young age, she began writing songs and singing them.  An onstage performer with the longest running musical in the world, Beach Blanket Babylon, she was blessed to perform for the legendary Tony Bennett, who blew her kisses from the audience.

Misa has completed two studio albums, her sophomore release, Awaited, and her award-winning freshman release, Shades of Blue.  An integral member of the Unity San Francisco ministry team, Misa joined the Unity movement five years ago and is currently working on an EP of New Thought music.  About her released work, Misa says, “Shades of Blue and Awaited were a birth of many things: lessons learned, love and chaos, and all of the things that make this human life worth living.  Now that I have a better understanding of who I am as an artist, who I am in consciousness, and where my music can lead the listener, I am excited to record music that genuinely connects people not only to each other but to the divinity that resides in each of us.”

Calli Carvajal

Assistant Music Director

Markus Beam

Assistant Music Director


Cindi Lavorato
Ruby Day
Marcus J. Paige
Ryan Harvey


Jason Slota
Brian Fishler
Marc Baum
Arthur Khu

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Garrett Nothern
Julia Miller
Beatriz Mendes
Robert Pedersen