“Set out on a transformative journey through the Levels of Consciousness – the very essence of how we perceive the world around us. Picture it as a vibrant lens that shapes our reality, reflecting not just what we see, but how we understand it. Anaïs Nin’s profound words resonate: ‘We do not see things as they are, but as we are.’

Delve with us into the realms of spiritual consciousness, the silent architects of our navigation system. Just as we choose our preferred operating system or browser, our spiritual consciousness molds our perception and colors our experiences. It’s a dynamic interplay that can redefine our journey through life’s events.

Unity defines these Four Levels of Spiritual Consciousness as our guiding stars: • Victim Consciousness • Victor Consciousness • Vessel Consciousness • Verity/Oneness Consciousness

In the tapestry of our human existence, we move between these levels, weaving them together in a beautiful symphony of moments or a prison of fixed ideas. From embracing our inner victor to navigating challenges with the awareness of  grace, consiousness becomes the catalyst for transformation.

This Sunday, let’s embark on a voyage together, unraveling the secrets of these levels and discovering the power of awareness. Join us in unlocking the potential to shape the life you’ve always dreamt of.”